Capertee Valley - 23 Jul 2005
Thursday, July 28, 2005
  The Star Bird
The main purpose of this trip is to look out for Regent Honeyeater. As I am now familiar with the call, it did not take me long to locate the bird soon after arrival at the site.
Regent Honeyeater (Xanthomyza phrygia)
However I failed to find any at another spot which was recommended by 2 birders whom I bumped into. They saw more Regent Honeyeaters, hawking for insects.
Besides Regent Honeyeater, there are many other interesting birds that can also be found in Capertee Valley, such as Swift Parrot, Turquoise Parrot, Painted Honeyeater, etc.

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A hobby photographic and birding trip report from my one day tour in Capertee Valley, New South Wales, Australia 23 Jul 2005 Please write any comments to copsychus at yahoo dot com

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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