Capertee Valley - 23 Jul 2005
Thursday, July 28, 2005
  Some Points to Note in Capertee Valley
Capertee Valley is fringed by Wollomi National Park and Gardens of Stone National Park. However, most of the good birding areas are within farmlands and private properties, hence no trespassing please. All my photos were taken along road side and there was no need to climb over the fence to get closer to the birds, so far so good :)
Red-roofed Cottage in idyllic setting

Farm-stay accommodations are available to visitors in quite a number of properties. Some good bird sightings are actually reported from these properties but they are not accessible to uninvited intruders.

Most part of the roads in Capertee Valley is still unpaved and there is no mobile phone coverage, at least not for my Vodafone. A public telephone booth is situated in Glen Alice. There are no shops and no public facilities such as toilets except in Capertee town.

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A hobby photographic and birding trip report from my one day tour in Capertee Valley, New South Wales, Australia 23 Jul 2005 Please write any comments to copsychus at yahoo dot com

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