Capertee Valley - 23 Jul 2005
Thursday, July 28, 2005
  In Search for Regent Honeyeater
Capertee Valley is 232km away from Sydney. The journey is approximately 3.5 hours' drive one way. This place is one of the few remaining places where the endangered Regent Honeyeater breeds. Even so, Regent Honeyeater does not seem to occur in good number every year. This year is one of the best seasons ever reported in recent time.
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Capertee Valley (View from Pearson Lookout, taken at late afternoon just before I left for home)
I left home 23 July 2005 at sunrise. As I drove towards the inlands of Sydney, I started to see morning frost in many places between Penrith and Lithgow. It must have been very cold the night before in some areas in Blue Mountains and western Sydney. It was a sight to see a wash of white over the landscapes, but this may not look good to farmers and the frozen slippery paved road is also dangerous to driver.

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A hobby photographic and birding trip report from my one day tour in Capertee Valley, New South Wales, Australia 23 Jul 2005 Please write any comments to copsychus at yahoo dot com

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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