Capertee Valley - 23 Jul 2005
Thursday, July 28, 2005
'Frozen' Wedge-tailed Eagle in frosty morning
The reason that I had luck with this huge perching eagle was probably due to very cold frosty night the night before. The bird looked a bit clumsy in the cold morning. As the day got a bit heated up as well as getting annoyed by my red car, it flew off and glided in the sky to start off its daily hunt with the help of thermal. Wedged-tailed Eagle is reasonably easy to see in Capertee Valley, but to see it perching in close range requires some luck and patience as this is quite a shy bird despite being the largest raptor in Australia. (Male 90cm, Female 1m)

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A hobby photographic and birding trip report from my one day tour in Capertee Valley, New South Wales, Australia 23 Jul 2005 Please write any comments to copsychus at yahoo dot com

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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